About Me



I have such a passion for entrepreneurship; I was actually secretary of my school’s entrepreneurship society club.  I’ve wanted to own my own business ever since I was young; from owning a  Bratz doll nail salon to having my own Chevy Dealership,  I’ve always had my mind on being my own boss. NEW VIBEZ gives me a chance to all the thing  I love doing while supporting and helping other creatives grow in their skill sets as well as marketing themselves.


I’ve always had an ear and eye for art whether it’s through music, movies, poetry, photography etc. When I was younger, I used to always love listening to new music and envisioning a music video in my head before one even came out.  It wasn’t until recently (May 2018 to be exact) when I came to terms with what it is I want to be and do with my career (well put a title on what it is that I do).












In order to grow and continue building my skill sets as a creative director; learning is very fundamental.  When your constantly learning and updating your skills, your creative muscle grows as well.  I’m also very passionate about my content, so reading and continuously brushing up on things help me to come up with new ideas and strategies.