NEW VIBEZ is a creative based brand that specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs how to market and brand themselves to become successful in their digital spaces. NEW VIBEZ was made to raise new questions, create new possibilities, and grow the creative imagination within.

"Building a successful brand takes hard work and for most people wont happen overnight. I've seen and met some of the most creative and talented people I've ever known and all I want to do is support them the best way I know how. I want to show them and you the importance of digital marketing, photography, design and how the three play a huge role in building a successful brand and with a few tips on how you can deliver your best in those three categories, you'll be making moves in no time."


Hey, I’m Kylah Caprii; photographer, digital marketer, graphic designer and the founder of NEW VIBEZ.

I help creative entrepreneurs build their personal brands and develop successful brands and businesses. I grew up in Hamden, Connecticut where I’ve pretty much lived my whole life up until college. Now, I am currently living in Baltimore Maryland and pursuing a degree in marketing at Morgan State University where I discovered my love for digital marketing photography and design. I started blogging as a creative outlet to share my ideas on different topics and to support up n’ coming creatives who I thought deserved to be shared and promoted. My different approaches to blogging ultimately led me to NEW VIBEZ and what it is today; a creative based blog that allows me to still celebrate other creatives and entrepreneurs as well as share my tips in photography, marketing and design to help them build a strong brand.

Starting a business is hard work and can seem impossible at times; not knowing where to start, or what resources to use can make things really discouraging and is ultimately what causes entrepreneurs to not start at all.  I created NEW VIBEZ to be space for you to come learn, interact with other creatives on platforms like Instagram and in my Facebook group and eventually, I’d love to grow a small community to help motivate and keep each other moving towards our goals.

I hope you enjoy the content I create and are inspired to start or keep creating your own. I love receiving feedback so, if there’s something you’d like to read or see more about feel free to  leave a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to answer it in a future post.


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