I hope you’ve had a great New Year and a wonderful holiday season. I started my year off in Washington D.C  with my boyfriend at a sip and paint event on New Years Eve; the rest of our time there we spent relaxing exploring museums and a bit of DC because I’ve only been there once.

2018 flew by fast yet so much has managed to happen and change; from the direction of my personal and career goals to my education goals and plans for grad school (OMG yes, it’s time to start thinking about grad school and applying). I’m ready to see how each goal manifests from a written aspiration on a page in my journal to reality.

This year I decided to keep my 2019 goals to myself in a journal and I won’t be sharing them publicly. 2018 was rough for me let’s be honest; I set out to do so much at the beginning of the year and by August I began to burn out and absolutely nothing got done. Between school, work, blogging and trying to have a personal life, I managed to stretch myself out way too thin and I don’t want to ever experience burnout the way I did in 2018 again, or ever for that matter.

I think when we publish our goals online we feel a sense of obligation to get them done in a certain amount of time to prove to others that we’re making moves and are on top of everything. For some this is true and it is happening for them, but really for the most of us,  we’re setting ourselves up for burn out, lack of motivation and very little productivity.

The New Year reminds me of freshman year for college students; everyone’s lit and ready to get on campus and make moves, show off their dopest gear, fashion pickups, meet new friends, catch up with old ones and even going to all their classes on time so other people can see that gear and those fashion pickups (yeah I know that was you, but if it wasn’t, I’m sure you know someone on your campus who fits the description) By midterms those same people are usually burnt out, barely making it out of their pajamas when attending classes and they either barely make it through the semester or they fail all together.


So, instead of sharing my goals for 2019, I’ll share the steps I plan to use to make each and every one of them happen.


1. Don’t just make a list.

  • Be more intentional with what you want to actually achieve and create steps or an outline on what you need to do to get there.

2. Organize your list and map out what gets done when

  • You have twelve months to make this year magic, don’t schedule all 12 of you goals in the first three to four months of the year. Spread out your goals and make each month focus and reflect on that one or two goals.

3. Check your goals off as you complete them

  • There’s nothing more satisfying to me than seeing a fully completed checklist; be sure that you check off your goals, celebrate yourself for doing so and reflect on the process it took to get you there. For more long term goals I recommend that you create smaller weekly/monthly  goals or trackers to help you reach your overall end goal.

I’ve seen this method work and be successful in so many other things that I’ve done individually and I want to test it out on everything I set forth to do with NEW VIBEZ  in 2019. At the end of this year I will share my 2019 goals with you and we can see how much I accomplished then. But for now; I want to wish you a Happy New Year, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us both.


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So it’s 2019 and although my blog layout hasn’t changed much the purpose and content have yet shifted again. I fell in the trap of wanting my content to please and be for everyone but after doing some research and studying my analytics across all the platforms I use, I decided to take a more targeted approach and narrow down my focus.

Along with researching and analyzing numbers, I took into the fact that I don’t want to do makeup tutorials, clothings hauls and get ready with me videos. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching and taking part in all of those things but I found that my talent and wanting to be an influencer lies in the production and business side of things. I want to help creative entrepreneurs, build successful and influential brands and close the gap between talent / skill and lack of finances or resources. NEW VIBEZ  will share tips and resources in photography, digital marketing and design to help you grow your brand and build a strong business.

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