This year I want to make sure I share more of my photography with you guys hence the whole new section added to my blog labeled photography. I don’t just want to post photography tips and tricks, I also want to share some of my own work to not only build a digital portfolio but to also give you some creative inspiration for your own images as well as to continue mastering my skills.

My first shoot session was with a really cool model and now good friend named Tynesha Danielle who you will be seeing a lot of in my tutorials. We actually met at my job; Tynesha was looking for a model call event we were having and didn’t make it in time, I introduced myself to her and told her about my brand and the type of content I was shooting for and she was all in. We exchanged contact information and now  I literally can call her up whenever to shoot, or practice a new set up.

If you follow me on social media then you know that all last year I was looking for models who’d be interested in shooting in exchange for free portfolio work because I’m in no position to start paying anyone yet. No one responded  or contacted me and I pretty much ended up playing model, photographer, stylist, makeup artist, and any other hat that comes with having a photoshoot, I wore it.


I love taking pictures of myself, every creative self portrait of mine that I have taken; I can honestly say was fun to create, took a lot of time and hard work however, because I had no choice but to take my own photos, I’ve learned so much about the face expressions and angles that work for me and how different poses and lighting choices really can change the storyline of a photo. I’m not completely giving up the new art of creative self portraits, I’ just want to add some variety because who wants to see the same face in every pos? Right?

I’m thankful for my new model friend; and I love her energy, she’s always open and really has some good ideas to bring into the mix. Check out our first shoot this year; we shot at the well known graffiti alley in downtown Baltimore, the vibe there was awesome and the artwork is so raw and amazing, I definitely recommend you check it out and get some selfies in if your visiting. Let me know what you think and I’ll see you in my next post.

I’m in need of voluntary models to help me make bomb content; if you’d be interested in featuring in future, YouTube videos, blog post, or photoshoots with me, fill out the form below. Based on your brand, style, and and location, I will contact you to discuss more in detail what I need for the particular shoot. I am located in Baltimore, Maryland at the moment and my traveling is currently limited to Maryland, D.C., New York, Jersey, and of course my home state Connecticut. I tend to travel to, and through those locations the most right now so if your in any of those areas let’s work.

As of now, this is not a paid gig however, you will receive content to add to your portfolio as well.

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