• Offers a free subscription account that allows you to connect with your audience and prospective supporters through email marketing . With mailchimp you can send your viewers customized emails for different events or categories in your business. You are allowed up to 1000 subscriptions before you have to pay for more storage; this gives you plenty of time to grow a solid brand and generate some revenue to put back into your business and marketing tools.


  • This is the best tool for creating graphics, Instagram story layouts, style guides, flyers, pdf. Files, and so much more. Canva acts as graphic design tool but without all the hard work.  You can create so much with the free version of this site’s software, with the right direction, Canva can real help you take you brand’s aesthetic to the next level.


  • This tool should be installed in everyone’s computer in my opinion. There’s nothing worse than reading something that’s terribly written. Grammarly helps make sure you fix all spelling and grammatical error in everything your writing from, a corporate document to a simple email, when Grammarly is installed you’ll always know what needs to be corrected.


  • From FORBES, Bloomberg, Black Enterprise to Fortune; there are plenty of subscriptions out there, I suggest you do your own research, figure out which one you like best and start reading and becoming more familiar with the business trends involved with your niche.


  • This mobile app lets you plan you Instagram feed  and organize it the way you want before actually posting. You can literally plan to post a months worth of content in one setting allowing you more time and freedom for yourself or to do more in you business. Oh and IT’S FREE!!!!


  • This non profit website gives free business advice and offer affordable workshops from $20-$75


  • Shout out to google for just existing!!!! With one email signup, you have access to a word editor, a presentation software, a spreadsheet software to help you analyze and keep track of you sites traffic and other data, and a bunch of other cool feature like the Google Calendar. As long as you have access to the internet you can take your work with you and can create really good professional content. Not to mention, you can share documents, presentations and projects with team members if needed.



  • A really good project management app really good for teams and group work however, I can speak for that because I don’t work in a group or a team. I do use Trello to plan my blog post content and big projects I want to work on throughout the year. This app has a premium feature but offers a free account which works perfectly fine in my opinion.


  • This photo editor app is really cool for creating aesthetics on you feed and building a brand style with your picture editing .


  • This app allow you to create cool Instagram stories and organize them before posting so you can have smooth upload. With a little imagination you can create some really amazing and memorable stories.

Here are some good TED TALKS to listen to.

Regina Hartley: Why the best hire might not have the best resume.

Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs



Startup Naton






NOTE: This list will continue to grow and change as new resources become available, so feel free to add your name and email  in the box below for updates or check back monthly on your own time.