Happy Women’s Month

Here’s To Strong Women

May We Know Them.

May We Be Them.

May We Raise Them.

When I was thinking about the content I’d be creating for this month, I kinda didn’t know where to start. I mean Women’s Month is such a huge opportunity to learn, support, motivate and celebrate all things female and embrace not only the women in history who paved the way for us today but also the amazing women currently girl bossing their asses off to design our future and so on.

When I thought about the question “What does it mean to be a woman?”, I couldn’t articulate the words to answer it. Of course, like everything else, I headed straight to google for answers and unfortunately the results weren’t that great. Most sites posted about the well-known women of history, stereotypes, hormones and the biology of being a woman (not much inspiration if you catch my vibe).

So I’ve decided to develop my answer organically and I don’t mean conducting research only based on information out of somebodies narrowed down textbook. NEW VIBEZ will dedicate it’s content to Women’s Month all March and at the end, I will share with you my findings on what it really means to be a woman.



I don’t want my posts to be all info and no fun so, I decided to collaborate with some awesome women who will be featured on NEW VIBEZ throughout the month. You guys will get access to not only my content but theirs as well. You can expect some product reviews, fashion hauls, guest blog posts etc. from women and their brands.



Let Me Know What Being A Woman Means to You!!!

Leave a comment below, sharing your thought on what it means to be a woman and why Women’s Month should be celebrated. I’d love to read your thoughts and input.

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