Why Did I Create New Vibez?

To talk about NEW VIBEZ, I’d have to start with “Don’t Believe The Hype” and “Everythang New”. Those were the two blogs I created before the site that I have now. So, let’s rewind a little, and head back to my freshman year in college. I was 18 and had decided to attend school out of state; leaving my family and friends behind and little did I know how much I was going to love being independent.

Prior to going to college, I have always loved writing; at one point in time, I actually wanted to be a rapper (could you imagine)?


   I always kept a journal and would write in it consistently. They would literally fill up so fast, I actually decided to start a journal in Microsoft Word so that I wouldn’t run out of space. Being in a new place with no familiar faces really helped me get out of my comfort zone and meet people (which included me sometimes having to speak first). I am so grateful to say that I came across a lot of great people at MSU most of them were actually from Maryland so they knew where all the hot spots and major scenes were.


“And then I found the poetry club”

A group of amazing people who could spit so good, you could feel it. It was so amazing to see females killing it on stage speaking their truth so vulnerable in front of a huge crowd of strangers.I could never (at least I thought).

Now I didn’t go join the club and start speaking spoken words at every open mic, but I did attend a few of the “free write” meetings where I fell in love with writing for fun. I never shared the things I wrote, but I left the meeting feeling so good afterward and that’s what led me to create my first blog “Don’t Believe The Hype”.


I wrote about my college experience and how television makes college look so glamorous, but it was actually hard work. I slowly let the dream for “DBTH” die because I felt like I was wasting my time, no one was reading, and the name was kind of long.


Moving forward to “Everythang New”, I created it my sophomore year after attending a hip-hop artist showcase in Baltimore; I came to the realization that not just the students at Morgan State University.


“But my generation as a whole has some really good talent; talent that is not recognized because it’s being overlooked by mainstream everything.”



So, I created a space that supported new music artist, fashion designers, photographers, models etc. My goal was to share and review only new talent and products. I enjoyed the searching process and reaching out to other creatives, but I just wasn’t satisfied.

“Everythang New” started to become something that I wasn’t sure I wanted, I was doing something I enjoyed but didn’t love it. Overall the blog itself-started losing its identity.



Fast forwarding to now, I created “NEW VIBEZ” summer of 2017 and it is here to stay. This blog is everything I want and need for it to be. I get to write and share my experiences with you all, as well as try out new things also. I took the concepts and values of my last two blogs and implemented them with NEW VIBEZ. My plan includes creating content that makes me happy but also that is of interest to you guys as well (gotta find that happy medium). I also make it a point to still use music from upcoming artist and creatives and shopping new lines from local designers to continue showing my support. 


“I created NEW VIBEZ to express myself, share my experiences, support other creatives, and to document growth in myself. I love writing, taking photos, editing and developing content and I get to do it all for my blog and now, my YouTube channel. I hope that with this platform I have and brand that I am creating, I can inspire and motivate people to live their best life.”



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