A website allows you to write/ share tips and helpful information about your niche. Yes! You can do this in your captions but let’s be real here, not everyone is going to stop and read your long and wordy post especially if they’re not interested or don’t know you. Having a  website lets you share with the people who are looking for the information you’re posting. How you design and style your website is solely up to you and what works best in regards to delivering content to your audience.

So many  creatives and professionals are still making moves without a website because they think that having a Twitter,  Facebook page, and Instagram is enough, but it’s not. Why? Because at any given moment your existence on social media can be erased. These platforms control who sees your post and when they see it. I know some amazing artists and creators whose work should be in the top 10  of every explore/discovery page but the algorithm (as it is today) isn’t designed for them or you. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great but should be thought of as borrowed platforms and you should use them to their advantage because if used correctly, they can be great marketing tools that will help push the content you create on YOUR OWN PLATFORM.

It sucks but social media is still a business at the end of the day and the algorithms are set to make sure that their users are seeing the most popular and relevant content geared toward their interest.  


No one is just going to take your word for it and start using your services; you have to earn that, and to do so you must prove yourself. With a website or blog; you can secure and establish credibility within your niche by sharing your expertise through tutorials, and how to post.  Doing so shows your audience that you’re serious and that you know what you’re talking about. Overall this will make them feel more at ease when it comes to investing in you or your business.


Understand your business the best…


Not having a website or blog  is like leaving money on the table. You have this great idea or product but you’re limiting yourself only using external platforms to market your brand when you can be doing so much more.

After viewers see your work or promotion for services online, where should they go to see more about you or the offer?  

Not only is a website good for sharing your expertise, it houses all of your work in one place. Putting up content consistently will boost your ranking level on google, so when users are searching for a specific topic within your market, your website has a chance of being listed on the first page of google results.


By continuously learning and always being hungry for more knowledge within your niche. Blogging should encourage you to want to know more about your market, you should always be researching and keeping up to date with different trends. The more you know, the more value you have to offer and the more valuable you become. When you can back your work up with receipts, more people will want to see what you are doing .

Okay! So now you know why having a website is important, don’t know where to start or what step to take next?

Check out this post on Things to do before starting a website as well as the resources page where you can find other useful tools as well.